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  1. Water wings:If it’s hot, and you want to go swimming, but the kids can’t swim, and you forgot the water wings . . . pick up a couple of TFPTTOBs on the way to the river. Open them up, capture some air, and tie off the open end to make the balloon. Use the carrying handles to attach them to the kids.
  2. Sea anchor:To slow your raft as you drift down the river, deploy a TFPTTOB behind the raft as a sea anchor.
  3. Cat toy:Crumple a handful of leaves and twigs in a TFPTTOB. As they straighten out, the TFPTTOB will jump and twitch. Your cat will go berserk.
  4. MacramKnot items out of TFPTTOB strands.
  5. Slingshot:TFPTTOBs aren’t stretchy enough for the sort of slingshot you make with a forked stick, so make a David-and-Goliath type slingshot by holding the handles and putting the missile in the pocket at the bottom of the bag.

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